Case of the Month

WARNING Explicit content for medical professionals. The following text, images and visual data have explicit content of a surgery. The intended audience is medical professionals. These individuals are mature adults who intend to use the information to improve their knowledge and to help patients. For those who are not in the aforementioned group, please stop reading and go back to the home page.

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October 2023 – Comprehensive Rehabilitation of a “Hopeless” Dentition

August 2023 – Esthetic Ridge Augmentation in the Anterior Maxilla

November 2022 – Interdisciplinary Management of Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis

September 2022 – Fixing a Gummy Smile

July 2022 – Implant Removal and Esthetic Anterior Reconstruction

July 2021 – Total Autogenous Reconstruction

April 2021 – Restoring Bone and Patient Confidence

March 2021 – Providing Hope and a Second Chance

February 2021 – Immediate Implant and Alveolar Reconstruction

January 2021 – Treating the Terminal Dentition

December 2019 – Esthetic Rehabilitation with SFOT

September 2019 – Successful Treatment For Recession On Implant

May 2019 – Rescue Therapy for an Esthetically Compromised Maxillary Anterior Implant

January 2019- Returning a “Hopeless” Patient to Health and Esthetics

March 2018 – Predictable Root Coverage with Autogenous Tissue

February 2018 – Implants in the Aesthetic Zone

January 2018 – Papilla Retention Surgery

November 2018 – Full Mouth Dental Rehabilitation

July 2017 – Single Implant