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At Fairfield County Implants and Periodontics, LLC, we provide world class care for our patients, and it shows. Read reviews from some of our long-time patients below to learn more about the services we offer for periodontics and implant dentistry in Fairfield, Connecticut. Dr. Michael Sonick, Dr. Rui Ma and Dr. Stephanie Koo are always happy to hear from you and invite you to call our office at 203-254-2006 today and schedule an appointment with our skilled dentists.

The staff here was very patient and kind. I came here several different times. I went out and did my own research with other professionals to make sure that this was the best decision for myself. Everyone from the people who took the appointments from me to the hygienists were very peaceful and very patient with me, answering questions. The follow up was superb.
Every time I come here, it’s a wonderful experience, from the front desk to the assistance, to getting my teeth cleaned, I actually have fun. Who likes to come to the dentist? I do! I’m so thankful for everything that he’s done for me and still doing for my smile.
Ariana Horaitis
I would recommend Dr. Sonick most highly. I wouldn’t send you to anyone else, naturally. I have great, great confidence in him. If he tells me something, I believe him, and he’s always right.
Karol Solomon
I think we’re all so surprised at how beautiful it turned out given the trauma and history that I had, but ultimately, it wouldn’t have been so successful if it wasn’t for Dr Sonick and everyone who’s helped along the way … I can sit here and, personally and professionally, I could not be happier with how it turned out.
Elizabeth Sfondrini
When I walked in the door, everybody welcomed you in the door. It’s like coming home to visit a friend’s house, or family. They’re pleasant, they’re kind, they try to help you any way they can.
Ab Igram
I wish I had known about Dr. Ma and the team twenty years ago and started to go to a specialist then. I continue to see the team here and highly recommend them. I encourage others to seek out a specialist you trust, and Dr. Ma and his team fit the bill.
Ab Igram
This is a great office to come to. Everybody is very accommodating and thoughtful, and I highly recommend Dr. Sonick and his team for anyone who needs to have to see a periodontist.
I am so, so happy that he came recommended to me, and I would recommend him to anyone that I know that is going through a similar process. After about seven years of a whole orthodontist, dentist, surgery process, I really couldn’t be happier with how my smile came out, and being with Dr. Sonick and his team is amazing.
Maiya Keitt
I have lived in multiple parts of the world. I’ve seen dentists in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Chicago, Houston, and by far, Dr. Sonick was the best dentist I have ever had an experience with. …I hope he can help other patients the same way he helped me.
Khaled Altassan
I recommend Dr. Sonick for anybody who may have some issues that they are concerned about. He’s been great and wonderful all these years for me so, Dr. Sonick, I thank you very much for all you’ve done for me all these years.
John Burns
I am very happy. The denture is working totally well. I can eat without any restrictions, my smile is fine and I am very happy.
Mario Sacouto
Finally, I can smile. I am so happy with it that I would recommend Dr. Sonick to my friends, to neighbors, to anybody!
Tetyana Fen
There’s not one person in this office that I could say anything negative about. They are compassionate, helpful, willing to go the extra mile for me, and I can’t say enough about Dr. Sonick and his office, including Dr. Ma.
Georgene Caruso
There’s no place on earth like this office. I recommend it to everyone. You’re really making a mistake if you don’t come here.
I would always, to my patients, recommend Dr. Sonick’s office. Mike is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to doing implants. Especially if it’s a front tooth, it has to be right. The gums have to be right, the papilla have to be right so that the gum looks beautiful when it’s done, and I would recommend Mike to all of my patients.
I would recommend anyone with any kind of periodontal or any kind of tooth problems to come here before they go anywhere else and get fixed right, so you can have a nice big smile.
Rick Varrone
You know, this place is really great, and they really do a really good job, and most people don’t even know that I’ve had work done on my teeth, which is the best part.
I was always afraid to smile, and I hated my smile, but after the implant and the veneers, I am learning how to smile all over again. I’m really, really happy with the job, and I highly recommend Dr. Sonick. I will be seeing him for as long as we’re both still around.
Let me tell you, it was unbelievable. I did not feel a thing. It was great. I have my tooth. It was the best experience I have ever had in the dental office, and I also lost my fear of the dentist now. I can go and I’m not shaking and afraid. So I highly recommend anybody that has any kind of phobias with dentists or pain.
Whether I would recommend Dr. Sonick or not: I certainly would! I always felt comfortable here. The staff is very friendly, Dr. Sonick has been very helpful, and I would feel comfortable coming back here again.
I would recommend anyone to Dr. Ma. As a matter of fact, I’ve already recommended family members to him.
Lonnie Hodges
Dr. Sonick was wonderful, the staff were superb, I was pain-free, and I am now shortly ready to have a permanent crown where the implants go. I could not praise this practice enough.
Jonathan Stock
The experience was completely painless, both physically and mentally, and I could not be happier with the result.
Douglas Brown
I deal with many people every day of my life in full-time sales. To have a tooth in there that makes me feel very confident, to be able to talk and socialize and smile with people, is very, very important to me and my profession. I would highly recommend Dr. Sonick’s office to anybody.
Douglas Brown
The way that Dr. Sonick did his procedure, because he took his time and was able to really build up the gum line, he was able to produce a tooth that actually looks even better than my permanent teeth. So I now have a new permanent tooth that looks wonderful alongside my other teeth and I am very happy with the procedure.
If you’re ever in a situation where you know that your teeth need to be replaced, the best way to go is with the permanent implants.
Judith Byman
I was having some issues not being able to eat and now I am able to eat whatever I like … Everything is stable. It’s just a great place, great staff. He’s a great periodontist and surgeon.
Richard Robillard
They just worked with me so well and then, at the end, I have these beautiful teeth again. I am just so happy I can smile again! … Everything is finished. Everything is wonderful. My mouth just feels great, and I am so pleased and so appreciative with everybody here at Dr. Sonick and Dr. Ma’s office.
Judy Moxhay
It’s been amazing. I mean, he’s been a helping hand. The staff has been amazing. Throughout the surgery, there was no discomfort, before or after. They treated me very well. They gave me music during my surgery. I’m here now and I really couldn’t be any happier.
Jeffrey Santos
I’m a pretty lucky guy. I was very lucky to meet Dr. Sonick and have him give me the treatment that I needed. Look at my new mouth — it’s beautiful!
I went and got a consultation with an orthodontist who recommended that I take a team approach with professionals, and Dr. Sonick was the only person that he wanted to partner with. So between my orthodontic work and the surgical work with Dr. Sonick and his team, I have come, over three years, to be much more comfortable, and I feel much happier with my smile.
It was one of the best procedures I’ve ever had done in my life. It’s a great team and all the personnel that work here are all very, very intelligent and very, very good at what they do, and you can tell that there’s no fooling around. They’ll laugh, they’ll have a good time, but when they get down to business, they’ll get it done and they’ll get it done right.
Sal Dinardo
When I come to my brother’s office, Dr. Sonick’s office, I feel very welcomed. Not just because I’m his sister, but I’m his patient too.
Kathi Greenfield
We went through all the procedures and steps and it was, you know, going to take some time. But it was amazing, and with the support, I got through it. Now I have a full set of teeth that I feel like I’ll have for the rest of my life and I’m very, very, very happy.
Steve Santora
We went through all the procedures and steps and it was, you know, going to take some time. But it was amazing, and with the support, I got through it. Now I have a full set of teeth that I feel like I’ll have for the rest of my life and I’m very, very, very happy.
Lisa Krauss
To have a healthy set of teeth again and to feel good about it, in just about every way — there’s nothing like it, and I don’t know how many people out there that can do something like this. But Dr. Sonick is certainly one of them and his staff is second to none. I never thought I’d say I’d enjoy going to the dentist, but I enjoy coming to see Dr. Sonick and his staff. They’re terrific.
Ralph Cortigiano
Interestingly, I am here both as a patient and as a referring and practicing dentist … I left feeling, looking and functioning like I would like any of my patients to. My experience could not have been better and that is one of the reasons that I work so closely with Dr. Sonick.
Alan Goldberg
When I came to the office, I was really impressed with the new instruments and the cameras and the way they presented what was going to happen with models and pictures. I really understood what was going to happen and the cost was right up front. I appreciated that.
JoAnn Davidson
He was very patient with my one million questions that I had, even now that we finally have the implant complete with the crown. My teeth look perfect now!
Keyla Figueroa
Dr. Sonick grew some bone and placed my implants and, later on, I got my final implants put in, and it fixed my bite! Now my bite is correct and I don’t feel pain anymore. I’m really happy now. Everything went better than I expected. Thank you, Dr. Sonick! You really made a difference!
For those who are nervous about having implants, I’d say the best place to come is to his office in Fairfield, Connecticut. He puts you at ease, the procedure is unbelievably easy, and the results are life changing. I, as a clergy-person, have always been conscious of how my teeth, because I’ve been on a pulpit, speaking in many places, and obviously for health reasons as well. Healthy teeth make a healthy body.
Rabbi Arnie Sher
I really enjoyed coming here. All the dental assistants have been fantastic. Lori, Sonia, everybody has been really quite professional and thorough. When you leave this office, you really feel good about your mouth and your general health, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone.
Stuart Zarich
All the nurses, all the receptionists and desk people and all the assistants working for Dr. Sonick, everybody comforted me and were so nice. I knew this was a place they would do the best job for me, without any doubt. They are such nice people. I feel like a family already!
Katsuhiko Yokoi
I was never in any pain, went to work the next day like normal. A couple of months later, I had the implant done, again, perfectly fine. A little while later, I had the crown done, and now nobody can ever tell that I had anything done. I would definitely recommend Dr. Sonick. He is the best.
Dr. Sonick and his staff explained everything that would happen and the procedure was virtually pain-free. Dr. Sonick and his staff were always pleasant and confident. My appointments were on time and today was my final visit … Dr. Sonick checked to see how everything was and he was satisfied with the result, as was I.
Stephen Strumello
Thank you again to Dr. Sonick, Dr. Ma and the team here at Fairfield County implants and periodontics. It’s been a great experience and I’m sure it’ll be one for you too as well.
Kirby Brendsel
Now I have a tooth, I have confidence and I’m super happy. I can’t thank Dr. Sonick enough, or his staff. They are great, and I highly recommend them to anybody who needs an implant or any dental procedure.
Jessica Lacerda
The procedures were virtually painless. There was no pain. The recovery was quick and easy and spread over a period of time. Everything was done so that it gave it time to heal properly, so there were no problems whatsoever … And now I have a real tooth there, no gaping holes. It’s wonderful. I can eat. I can smile. Everything was great. Dr. Sonick, he really did a beautiful job. I am very happy with it.
Rebecca Tylutki
My experience was absolutely amazing. I told my family, I told my friends, I told my kids. I’m from Europe, I told everybody in Europe when I went to visit.
Zade Nalbani
I’m so happy with the work that he put in. I cannot believe it. So, today, here I am! Smile!
Minimal! Absolutely minimal pain! … I think I needed some non-prescription drugs for the first 24 hours and that was all I needed.
Miles Sideman
Dr. Sonick is a doctor that likes to educate everybody around himself, his staff and his patients as well. I benefited from that a great deal because it gave me a lot of hope. He gave me choices and I felt like I was being taken care of.
I think at my age, to have people still come stop by and say what a lovely, beautiful woman you are is a very very nice thing! … At 82 years of age! I would definitely recommend, because everyone should be the best that they possibly can, no matter what age you are.
There weren’t any problems with the process. Everything was very organized, and I’m so happy today that I can smile with my mouth open and that I don’t have to hide my teeth, that I can show them to people. That’s something that’s certainly changed my life.
Brian Sheldon
He built up the gums, raised them and allowed a very natural smile. The procedure was very painless and my experience with Dr. Sonick was fantastic, from the surgery all the way to recovery and to the veneers.
John Weisgerber
It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. I couldn’t encourage you any further to see Dr. Sonick because you’ll be in good hands.
Elaine Deedy-Sincali
The work really speaks for itself and I feel like I’m definitely getting closer and closer to that beautiful, perfect smile.
After a couple consultation visits and some education, I made the decision to have my teeth extracted and to go with a full set of implants … I can say that it’s addressed a number of things beyond aesthetics: I no longer have sinus headaches, I don’t have sinus infections any longer, my vision improved and my hearing improved. So I’m delighted with the outcome of the procedures.
I knew nothing about implants, didn’t know anybody that had an implant, so I turned up at Dr. Sonick’s office and he and his staff were fantastic. They explained to me the whole process, what would be done, how I would be taken care of, and the process went through with no pain or discomfort.
Deborah West
I’m a lawyer, so my appearance and my ability to express myself are very important to me, to what I did, and to the way I made my living. They made sure that I never had a disability and always had the opportunity to look right and to properly communicate with others.
Bruno Geoffrey
I was really nervous because I was so young, but Dr. Sonick and his staff really made me feel comfortable and made sure I was okay during the entire thing …Dr. Sonick put in the implant after growing the root, and he put the cap on, and I love it. I couldn’t be happier. They really do care for their patients and want to make sure that you’re comfortable and you’re okay and you always know the steps they’re going to take.
Hannah Greenhall
The treatment I received was very good. I was expecting it to be very painful and a lot of recovery time, but it wasn’t. It went very smoothly and I’m very happy with the results.
Paul Franzese
I was so happy that I came here and that he took his time. I could tell right away that he knew exactly what he was doing. Because of his work, I have a beautiful result now, so I’m very happy.
Kelly Proe
I really enjoyed knowing that if this had to happen, at least it was being done right, and it was going to be done with the most attention that I could get.
Maggi Melin
I think one of the biggest results is that my mouth, overall, feels so much healthier … I can eat again, without worrying about cracking something, or my crown falling out, or my bridgework loosening, and that’s been amazing. Just being able to smile with confidence, being able to stand up in front of people and speak and to talk without thinking, do they realize I have bad teeth? So yeah … I feel like a million bucks.
Steven Greenfield
I was recommended to Dr. Sonick, who did a great job. He grew the bone and he put the implants in. The procedure was pain-free. Now, I can chew things again. It’s good to be able to chew, to be able to smile. I feel like a complete person … even after I woke up, I had no pain … I have been through many dentists and many surgeons — there’s a lot of stuff going on in my mouth — and they are definitely #1 on my list!
Carol Custus
I came to see Dr. Sonick because my teeth were horrible, and I couldn’t smile. I learned how to hide my teeth when I did smile … And now I can smile, and eat whatever I want, which I couldn’t do before. I highly recommend Dr. Sonick and everyone here.
Frank Keller
As usual no pain, swelling, bleeding or discomfort of any kind, which is the way I like it while reading Rolling Stone in the waiting room, but that was my condition after the implant surgery.
Miggs Burroughs
I’ve been to lots of dentists and a few oral surgeons in my life. Mike Sonick’s work is top notch. I wouldn’t go to anyone else, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone I know. He is a consummate professional who keeps up with the latest and the greatest new treatments and discoveries in his field. He is actually a world renowned expert in implant dentistry and periodontics. This was most important to me since I needed an implant in the front of my mouth. The end result has been fabulous; Dr. Sonick is an artisan! My teeth and smile have never looked better. It’s been 10 years, and I have had absolutely no problems. He is the best!!
Sherri Steeneck
An old football injury that resulted in a broken tooth haunted me years later. Dr. Mike Sonick made himself available on the weekend of July 4th to help me save face– literally. My fear and uncertainty were alleviated by Mike’s caring, professionalism and attention to detail. All I can say is thanks, and thanks again.
Mark Cirilli
Dr. Sonick is great at what he does! I call him my magician. He works magic with his hands. I would refer him to anyone in need of periodontal care. Before I met Dr. Sonick, my teeth were a source of embarrassment for me, but now I smile all the time. My confidence in my appearance has sky-rocketed, and I have him to thank.
Estavia Lockett
It is quite rare to see such a combination of expertise, dedication and caring in any one individual. In my 20-plus years of experience in the Harvard and Yale medical systems, I have not often seen Mike Sonick’s level of character and commitment. He practices state-of-the-art-surgery , is available to his patients 24/7, and still maintains a national presence teaching other professionals and advancing the field of periodontics and implant dentistry. My hat is off to Mike.
Dr. Stuart Zarich
Dr. Michael Sonick is an awesome guy and the staff is great. They took care of me like I was family. The work he did was perfect, and that’s why I call him the “miracle man”.
Sal Battimelli
I came to know Dr. Mike Sonick after a car accident, from which I lost my front teeth. My mom’s research found Dr. Mike Sonick to be the best implant surgeon around. Our experience can attest to his reputation; he’s given me my smile back and treated both my parents. He worked until we achieved the perfect result.
Ariana Horaitis
Thank you Dr. Sonick for restoring not only my teeth but also my confidence to smile and eat foods I have avoided for years. Your professionalism and skill were most assuring during dental treatment. And your availability, patience and attentive responses to my many questions were always comforting.
Nick Cioffi
I refer people to Dr. Mike Sonick because I truly believe he is the best. He kept me smiling before, during and especially after treatment.
Rabbi Amie Sher