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Welcome to our before and after photo gallery! Here you can view the results of our work and learn how Dr. Michael Sonick, Dr. Rui Ma and Dr. Stephanie Koo can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted. Browse through our transformative dentistry below, and if you have any questions about periodontics and implant dentistry in Fairfield, Connecticut, contact Fairfield County Implants and Periodontics, LLC at 203-254-2006 and schedule a consultation with our dentists.

Crown Lengthening

Multiple Implants

Periodontal Health

Single Implants

Smile Makeovers

Gum Grafting

Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

Turning Back the Hands of Time : Through wear and a bad bite, this patient ground her teeth down to the gum line resulting in minimal tooth exposure when smiling. With invisalign, crown lengthening and new crowns she was restored to health and esthetics – a life changing experience.

Smile Makeover for an Executive: This 40 year old fashion industry exec wanted to improve his smile. Older unaesthetic crowns were removed, gum tissue repositioned and 6 new crowns were positioned ideally.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation: Patient presented with periodontal disease, short teeth, and esthetic disharmony. Following periodontal therapy and crown lengthening, the teeth were restored and ideal esthetics and health were achieved

Altering the Dental Gingival Margin: The patient was unhappy with the space between the front teeth, the color of his teeth and the uneven gum tissue. Following periodontal and restorative treatment ideal esthetics were achieved.

Crown Lengthening and Veneers: This dental assistant was not happy with her crowns. Following surgical reposition of the gum tissue, veneers were made to idealize her smile.

Functional and Cosmetic Rehabilitation of a Young Man : This young man was congenitally missing many teeth and required both orthodontics and dental implants. Following treatment, esthetic crown lifting was done on the upper and longer teeth to give him a beautiful result.

Restoring Health and Beauty: Esthetic compromise and periodontal disease. Following periodontal treatment in conjunction with esthetic crown lengthening, the patient was able to have ideally contoured crowns restoring her to health and beauty.

Crown Lengthening Only: A young female presented post orthodontics with inflamed gingiva and short teeth. Following a laser assisted gingivectomy. The beauty of her was restored.

Crown Lengthening and Veneers: Patient concerns were: short teeth, worn teeth, excess gingiva above teeth. Solution involved lifting the gums followed by veneers. The result, a beautiful smile.

Yellow Teeth, Red Gums and Gingival Disharmony: The patient presented with the above concerns. A combination of treatment was required in order for us to achieve his goals. Following care gingival and teeth symmetry as well as health has been achieved.

Why my gums are so red?: The patient\'s chief complaint was the redness around his crowns. Following crown lengthening new crowns were made. The result - healthy gums and gingival symmetry

Crown Lengthening – 10 years Later: The patient did not want to show as much gum tissue when she smiled. Crown lengthening followed by four new crowns has resulted in nice stable result – 10 years after.

Periodontal infection and Esthetics: Following a return to periodontal health, the gingival was repositioned in order to provide space for ideally positioned and shaped crowns. The patient is stable and happy 20 years following treatment.

Esthetic Smile Makeover: This 21-year-old female wanted to improve her smile. Her upper left lateral incisor never came in, and the orthodontist moved her left canine into its place. This resulted in an asymmetric smile. The solution involved both gum grafting and crown lengthening. In addition, three veneers were place. The result was a much more symmetrical smile and an ecstatically happy patient.

Multiple Implants

Immediate single implant reconstruction: Following extraction of her upper left central incision, implants were immediately placed. Four months later a beautiful life like dental reconstruction was fabricated. To achieve excellent esthetics veneers were also placed on her adjacent laterals and canines. Her teeth have not looked this good in 0ver 30 years!

Complete Full Upper Jaw Reconstruction: This 60 year old movie director was too busy to see the dentist. He lost all of his teeth due to decay and refused to wear a denture. With dental implant reconstruction, his upper teeth were returned and he was able to function again with confidence.

Functional and Esthetic reconstructic: Two adjacent upper bicuspids were lost due to decay. Replacement with dental implants achieved a functional and esthetic reconstruction. Miggs is very pleased with the result, and smiles easily, especially at his art shows.

Severe Decay No More : This patient was very prone to root cavities, resulting in severe pain and esthetic disfiguration. His dental visits always resulted in the loss of teeth. After removing his teeth and placing dental implants he was able to be restored to complete health, function and esthetics. He can eat whatever he wants with no more worries about dental disease. He is extremely happy.

No Time for Myself : This local successful business owner never had time for herself or dental care. Using a combination of crowns on her natural teeth and dental implant therapy she was restored to health with a beautiful smile.

Loss of Decayed Teeth and Implant Placement: A football coach suffered from severed tooth decay which necessitated removal of three teeth. Following removal, three implants were placed and restored with 3 separate crowns.

Complete Implant Reconstruction : This recently retired man was too busy to take care of his mouth resulting in severe decay and loss of his natural teeth. Following teeth removal bone grafting in conjunction with implant surgery was performed. Today he has a complete implant reconstruction and is disease free. More importantly, there is no food that he cannot eat.

Implants to the Rescue: This patient lost his posterior upper bicuspids and molars due to periodontal disease. Bone grafting was performed which allowed for teeth replacement using dental implants. A life like prosthetic reconstruction resulted in beautiful esthetics

Reconstruction of a Failed Implant Case: A kindly 70 year woman had multiple implants fail which led to vertical loss of bone. The implants were removed and 10 mm of bone was regenerated vertically. Implants were then placed. The result – a complete return to health with excellent function and esthetics, and a very happy patient.

Lower Implant Anchored Bridge: This young man was congenitally missing his lower front teeth. Two implants were placed which served as an anchor for a four tooth bridge.

Two Upper Back Implants and Gum Grafting: This patient was missing her upper 1st and 2nd bicuspids. Recession was also present on the canine (eye tooth). Two single implants were placed and the canine was grafted. The result – ideal esthetics.

Sinus Grafting and Implant Reconstruction: This middle aged man was missing his back upper teeth. Bone was inadequate which made sinus bone grafting necessary. Implants were placed a few months later and the permanent crowns were placed.

Bone Reconstruction and Implant Placement: The patient was losing her back upper teeth due to decay and periodontal disease. Following tooth removal, the bone was regenerated and three implants were placed in ideal location.

Infected Fractured Tooth Replacement: A 78 year old female presented with a fractured tooth and a failing blade implant. Following removal and bone grafting, three implants were placed and restored in ideal location.

Replacing missing molars: Two adjacent implants were placed to replace this young patient’s molar and premolar. Note the healthy surrounding gum tissue.

Immediate Replacement of Lower Fractured Teeth: Due to root resorption and fracture, this 62 year old female lost her lower front teeth. After removal, implants were placed and immediately put into function. She was never without fixed teeth.

Replacement of two congenitally missing lateral incisors following orthodontic care: This boy presented for dental care at age 14. He was congenitally missing his upper two lateral incisors. Orthodontic care was necessary to create space for dental implants and to align the teeth in harmony. At age 18 two dental implants were placed and restored replacing the upper right and left lateral incisors.

Two Back Teeth: This man had been wearing an ill-fitting upper bridge for many years and wanted individual teeth. Two single implants allowed him to remove the bridge and have single teeth that he is easily able to floss.

Restoration of Hopeless Upper Bicuspids and Molars: After years of periodontal disease, this patient required removal of his remaining upper teeth. Implants were placed following bone grafting. He has been functioning for over 10 years on his new restoration.

Lower Molar Implant Reconstruction: Decay and periodontal disease led to the loss of this patients’ lower two molars. Following removal and grafting, implants were placed and restored.

Reconstruction of the Lower Jaw: This 32 year old female had a tumor at age 3 which necessitated removal of her lower teeth and jaw bone. After 29 years of wearing a removal partial denture, she was restored to whole with a fixed prosthesis.

Giving Back the Smile: This middle aged man never had the benefit of dental care as a child in China. He suffered from severe periodontal disease. With dental implants and bone grafting, we were able to restore him to ideal function and esthetics.

Periodontal Health

This 50-year-old patient had vertical loss of bone between his lower canine and bicuspid. It probed 10 millimeters. A very small flap was elevated, and a bone graft saturated with growth factors was placed. Complete regeneration of the bone was achieved, and it remains stable seven years following treatment.

Dental implants have a very high success rate. However, when not properly placed, complications can occur. This patient presented with a loss of gingival and bone around the front implant, placed a number of years ago. Following gingival grafting and the fabrication of new restorations, the patient was restored to a state of health and esthetics.

This retired Navy JAG was looking for a dentist to restore her to health. She was frustrated that her dentistry failed despite seeking good care. Following a comprehensive examination, a diagnosis was established, and a treatment plan was discussed and mutually agreed upon. Today, more than ten years following treatment, her mouth is healthy, stable, and esthetic. The only dentistry performed in the last decade had been dental cleanings.

Albeit rare, periodontitis can develop in young children and affect their primary (baby) teeth. Bone loss can progress rapidly and be debilitating. In this 18-year-old female, bone loss around her front teeth has contributed to significant movement and flaring, resulting in disfiguration. Combined periodontal and orthodontic treatment led to a restoration of her smile, which is now both healthy and esthetic.

A young college student presented with a red "bump" on her front teeth. It made her self-conscious and hesitant to smile. The "bump" was carefully removed with a laser and minimal discomfort. Esthetic restoration of the gingival architecture was achieved. The final diagnosis of the "bump" was exuberant gingival hyperplasia, a benign condition often induced from trauma.

The ultimate goal of periodontal treatment is to save the teeth. This is not always possible or predictable. Fortunately, teeth can be replaced with dental implants. This patient was prone to periodontal disease, which led to bone loss. Following extraction, bone grafting and immediate implant placement, complete restoration to health and function was achieved. This patient has been disease-free for years.

Periodontal disease can lead to rapid loss of both gum and bone tissue. This patient presented with severe pain, gum abscesses and loss of bone. Pain and inflammation were resolved following antibiotic therapy and conservative non-surgical treatment.

This middle-aged man presented with severe periodontal disease. He had bone loss that led to movement of the teeth and mobility. He was told he had to lose all of his teeth. Following bone regeneration treatment and orthodontics, he was able to be restored to a state of health and esthetics. Seven years following treatment, he continues to get his teeth cleaned every three months and is able to maintain his health.

This middle-aged female exhibits severe bone loss in the front of her mouth. The loss of this tooth would cause an esthetic defect. Utilizing microsurgical plastic surgery techniques, bone grafting was performed, and the patient could return to a state of health with no esthetic compromise.

The importance of Treatment and Dental Care: This patient was told he was going to lose all of his teeth in in 1987. Over thirty years later he still has all of his teeth and periodontal health has been maintained. Following conservative. esthetic, regenerative periodontal therapy the patient was placed on a three month recare program. His only dental treatment has been routine teeth cleaning.

Long-term follow-up: This 30 year old young man presented to our clinic in 1989 with generalized severe periodontal disease. He was petrified, after being told he would lose all of his teeth. We immediately allayed his fears. We said that if he followed our instructions and got his teeth cleaned every 3 months, he would have a very good chance of predictably saving his teeth. Today, 30 years later, he has all of his teeth. Bone loss has been stopped cold. To read the 30 year follow up published article click on the link below. More powerful is Tim’s video version. WE encourage you to hear it. CLICK BELOW. If you have been told that there is on solution, his story will offer you hope.

Elimination of a Periodontal Abscess: A periodontal abscess is treated with antibiotics and one visit of cleanings. The result is an elimination of the infection and a return to health. Note the pocket depth is reduced.

Restored to Oral Health: Ivy League Grad Goes to Oral Hygiene School – This 55 year old Ivy Leaguer did not have positive dental experiences and avoided seeing the dentist. After his wife sought treatment in our practice, he met our dental hygienist. After one month and four visits we were able to return him to good oral health.

Bone Regeneration (re-growth): This patient presented on the left with bone loss around her upper premolar teeth. Following successful bone grafting treatment, there was an increase in the amount of bone support for the teeth.

Before and After Bone Grafting: The patient presented with bone loss of the lower front teeth leading to mobility and difficulty in eating. Following bone grafting, the teeth tightened up due to bone regeneration. The patient is stable 5 years post treatment and continues with regular cleanings.

Periodontal and Implant Treatment: Following dental education, periodontal, and implant treatment this 60 year old patient has made a return to oral health and good function.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation: The patient presented with a severe infection resulting in a loss of bone, teeth and function. She was embarrassed in public and did not enjoy the taste of food. Following elimination of the periodontal infection, crowns were placed and she was restored to complete function and esthetics. Health is maintained with routine cleanings.

Before and After Scaling: 24 year old female presents with 7 mm pockets before treatment. Following conservative non-surgical treatment, pocketing has been reduced to 3 mm signaling a return to health.

Successful Treatment of Severe Periodontal Disease in a Teenager: This 14 year old female presented with severe bone loss around her lower molars, a rare condition affecting a small percentage of the population. Fortunately, excellent treatment exists. Utilizing antibiotics, excellent oral hygiene and bone grafting techniques, complete regeneration of the supporting structures of the teeth was achieved and the active periodontal disease eliminated.

Periodontal Treatment and New Crowns: The patient presented on the left with ill-fitting crowns, gingival inflammation and spontaneous bleeding. She was not happy with the health or the esthetics. Following periodontal treatment, new crowns were placed and she has been returned to a state of health and beauty.

Bad Breath Elimination: The patient presented with poor oral hygiene which resulted in gingival inflammation, redness, bleeding and bad breath. Following oral hygiene instruction s and a few visits with the dental hygienist, the patient’s symptoms were eliminated and her bad breath was eliminated.

Treatment of Periodontal Infection: The patient, a dental phobic, avoided dental treatment for many years. Using sedation and local anesthesia, the infection and excess gum tissue was eliminated in one visit. The patient has maintained his health by oral hygiene at home and frequent dental cleanings.

Conservative Control of Gum Infection: Patient presents with gum abscesses, swelling, bleeding in pain at his first visit. Patient was treated with antibiotic therapy for one week followed by non-surgical dental cleanings. He has been returned to a state of periodontal and general health within 4 weeks.

Gingival Health, 15 Years Later: This 27 year old female avoided the dentists for her inflamed gums hurt during cleanings. Utilizing sedation and local anesthesia the cleanings were performed without pain and the patient is healthy, 15 years later.

Our Goal - Periodontal Health: Close up photograph showing complete periodontal health. Gingival (gum) tissues are pink, firm, stippled like an orange peel, with healthy pointed papillae. This is the goal for all of our patients.

Bonding, whitening, and conservative gum treatment: A motor vehicle accident led to a fracture of the front teeth. Note the inflammation of the gums before treatment. Following periodontal therapy the teeth were bleached and bonded resulting in an esthetically pleasing result.

Single Implants

This young woman never formed an upper front tooth (the lateral incisor). Orthodontic movement followed by bone regeneration was undertaken to prepare the site for a dental implant. This resulted in a natural-looking incisor and a thrilled patient.

A fracture of a root canal-treated tooth led to the loss of the central incisor. By replacing the fractured front tooth with a dental implant and restoring the neighboring tooth with a new crown, the patient's beautiful smile returned.

Bone regeneration and successful implant before her wedding: This young female presented to our office after three failed bone grafts. Severe scarring of the gum tissue was present due to the previous surgeries. She was told that a dental implant was not possible. Fortunately, we were able to regenerate the lost bone with tissue engineering and present her with a new tooth supported by a dental implant. She was able to walk down the aisle at her wedding feeling like the beautiful woman she is.

Smile Restored : A failed root canal led to fracture of this woman’s central incisor. Extraction with bone and gum tissue reconstruction was performed prior to implant therapy. This staged approach, frequently used in the front part of the mouth, resulted in beautiful esthetics.

Esthetic Central Incisor: Patient wanted a perfect result for he showed the gum tissue when he smiled. Utilizing a microsurgical approach, all the gum tissue was preserved and ideal esthetics achieved.

Single Upper Central Incisor: Patient lost her upper central incisors due to a failed root canal. 20 years following implant placement the result is still ideal.

Restoring function and esthetics: At a young age, this woman had her lower first molar removed. Unfortunately, bone grafting was not performed at that time, resulting in a very thin, bony ridge. In this case, bone regeneration was required prior to implant placement. Once the graft healed, an implant was inserted with great stability and restoration with a crown followed. The patient was very pleased with her results. In our practice, we routinely perform bone grafting at the time of extraction to prevent bone loss.

Model Fractured Front Tooth: This attractive middle-aged model was devastated when she fractured her central incisor. Ten months following extraction, bone grafting and implant placement, she is back to smiling naturally.

Young College Athlete Gets His Front Teeth: This dentist’s nephew was congenitally missing his upper lateral incisors. Following precise orthodontic therapy and bone grafting, implants could be placed ideally so that beautiful esthetics could be achieved

Esthetic Nightmare : This 22-year-old girl fractured her front tooth. The thinness of the gum tissue and exposure of all the teeth when smiling made for a challenging situation. A conservative staged approach led to a perfect implant restoration. The patient’s smile says it all.

Creating Space for an Implant : This attractive mom was congenitally missing her upper right lateral incisor but lacked the space for a dental implant. With Invisalign, bone grafting and an implant placement, the patient was restored to an ideal smile. She is ecstatic with the result.

Orthodontics, bone grafting and dental implants – the result: a beautiful smile. : This young girl presented for care at age 13. She was missing teeth and bone. Following orthodontics, the bone was reconstructed so that an implant could be placed ideally. The result is a beautiful smile and a very happy patient.

I could not smile when I missed my tooth: This gentleman was saddened by the loss of his front tooth. He was told he could not have an implant replacement due to bone loss. Following bone grafting and reconstruction, an implant was placed. Today, he is restored to health and laughs and smiles with ease. Click on his video to hear his story.

I can eat what I want!: For many years Marie was not able to bite into an apple. Following tooth replacement with a dental implant, Marie can eat and enjoy whatever she pleases.

Lost my tooth at midnight: Maggie, NYC resident, “lost” her front tooth while eating lettuce at midnight and was referred to our practice. Immediate implant placement allowed her to be restored to esthetics and complete health within a few months. Click on her video to hear her story.

Nobody can tell I have an implant: This attractive dental assistant had a history of trauma to her front tooth at age 12. Twenty years later the root canal failed which led to the loss the tooth. Following extraction and bone grafting, an implant was placed. Today, no one can tell that her front tooth is actually a dental implant. Listen to her experience on video.

Lateral Incisor Implant for a Dental Assistent: This patient lost her incisor due to fracture. Note the gum tissue was also deficient. In addition to implant placement the gum and bone tissue was also restored leading to a pleasing esthetic as well as functional result.

Immediate Implant Placement and Restoration of Adjacent Teeth: In this case the teeth were removed and the implants were placed immediately. The patient left with two teeth attached to the immediately placed implants. Three months later, the final ideally shaped crowns were placed.

Restoring a Lost Canine and Premolar: We met this delightful young woman at age 14 following the unfortunate loss of two teeth. Combining bone grafting with implant placement and ideal prosthetic reconstruction, we were able to restore her upper teeth to perfection. The result – a very happy patient.

Cantilever implant in the lower arch: This patient lost his adjacent lower incisors. Oftentimes, one implant is all that is needed to replace two teeth in the lower front jaw. Flossing is never a problem.

Maximum esthetics with minimal intervention: Lower central incisor replaced by a single implant. A single implant avoids having to use the adjacent natural teeth to support a missing tooth. Minimal dentistry is the goal of all of our therapy.

A functional and esthetic solution: A previous injury resulted in crowning of the two front teeth. Unfortunately, decay on the left front tooth approached the bone making a new crown not possible. A single implant and a new adjacent crown was treatment planned and performed. The patient is still able to floss easily, and esthetics is maintained.

Cantilever reconstruction of two upper front teeth: A second grade teacher lost her two upper right front teeth due to a previous traumatic accident. The result with a large space. Utilizing one dental implant we were able to restore two teeth with a cantilever restoration. It is difficult to discern any difference.

Single molar replacement: Lower single molars are one of the oldest teeth in the mouth, erupting age 6 (hence the name 6-year molars). Due to their longevity they are exposed to disease and long-term stress, oftentimes resulting in fracture or severe decay. A single molar implant is a relatively straight forward way to return an adult to health and function without harming the adjacent teeth.

No bridge, Please!: The loss of a lower central incisor resulted in esthetic disfigurement and difficulty in eating. The patient refused a bridge. Following bone augmentation a single implant was placed which restored the patient to function and health.

Esthetic and Functional Implant: A lower single lateral incisor does not always have enough room between the adjacent teeth to place a dental implant. Fortunately with the combination of bone grafting and ideal placement, this patient was able to achieve a very esthetic and functional result.

Single Central Incisor with Adjacent Esthetic Gum Restoration: This young man had a failed root canal and recession on the adjacent teeth. A combination of bone grafting, implant placement and gum grafting was performed to restore this young man to function and ideal esthetics.

Musician missing front tooth : This 65 year man was unhappy with his missing tooth and told he could not have an implant due to lack of bone. Utilizing bone grafting and a trabecular metal implant, the final crown was able to be placed 3 weeks following implant placement and bone grafting – amazing. The night of surgery the patient played piano with his band and sang at a local gig.

Failed Root Canal: Raul has never had a good dental experience. He recently had a root canal that failed. He lost confidence in the dental profession. Our challenge (and goal) was to restore his missing tooth as well as his confidence in our profession. Happily, we did both.

Restored Molar : Decay led to the loss of lower molar. The tooth was removed, bone was regenerated and a dental implant placed, resulting in a very esthetic functional screw retained dental implant.

Root Canal Failure: This patient had an infected lower molar due to root canal failure. Following removal and bone grafting, an implant was placed. Three months later the patient received a final ideally contoured crown

A Baby Tooth is Finally Lost and Immediately Replaced - Michael Sonick, DMD : This 45 year man had retained his deciduous (baby) tooth for many decades past its prime. His permanent bicuspid never came in. We were able to remove the loose decayed baby tooth and immediately replace it with a dental implant. The final result is beautiful. Only his dentist knows he has a dental implant.

Lower Central Incisor: Lower Central Incisor Replaced with Dental ImplantThis 50 year old woman was missing her lower front tooth for years before she sought a solution for replacement. Three months after treatment she was back in business with a natural looking front tooth.

Central Incisor Implant – 22 years following placement: Patient’s upper central incisor implant is stable many years following placement (implant was placed in 1991). Note excellent soft tissue and absence of recession.

Restoration of Adjacent Central Incisors with Dental Implants: This young man lost both of his central incisors due to root resorption. Following restoration of the underlying bone, two implants were placed and restored. The patient is stable 10 years post placement.

Ideal Restoration of a Lateral Incisor: This 22 year old female lost her lateral incisor due to root resorption. Note that we were able to increase the amount of soft tissue following implant restoration utilizing gum grafting at the time of implant placement.

Replacement of a failed root canal treated tooth: This 32 year old female presents with a failing lower front incisor due to three failed root canals. A decision to replace the tooth with a dental implant yielded a stable result. Six years following treatment, the implant is stable and the patient is happy.

An Accident in the Shop: This shop teacher sustained an injury when a piece of wood hit him in the face resulting in fracture of his remaining central incisor. The tooth was removed and two adjacent implants were placed resulting in an esthetic result.

Reconstruction of an Upper Canine: Following tooth removal the gum and bone tissue were reconstructed in order to allow the placement of an ideally placed implant.

Single Upper Premolar Implant: An upper premolar was ideally restored with a single implant. There is no evidence of surgery. The final implant crown looks better than the original natural crown.

Sinus Grafting and Single Molar implant: This patient lost her upper molar and did not have enough bone for a dental implant. The sinus was grafted and a few months later the implant was placed and restored

Maryland Bridge versus Dental Implant: This 18 year old girl was tired of going through orthodontic care. There was enough space to place an implant on the upper right lateral incisor but not the upper left. She elected, against our advice, to have the braces removed before adequate space was present for implant placement.. The Maryland bridge, on her upper left, although esthetic, cannot be flossed easily. Upon close inspection, the difference can be seen. The implant gives a more natural appearance

A Pink Lateral Incisor : This young 20-year-old female sustained trauma to her front tooth resulting in internal resorption and replacement of the tooth with granulation tissue. The tooth was removed, grafted and reconstructed with a dental implant. Ideal function and esthetics were achieved.

Smile Makeovers

I Hate my Smile: This 42 year old dental phobic is losing all of her teeth to due severe untreated periodontal disease. She refuses to wear a denture. With immediately placed upper and lower implants, we were able to restore her to ideal health, function and esthetics.

I can smile again!: This patient teeth were a source of embarrassment to him. He rarely smiled. When he did, he tried painfully to hide his teeth. Today following immediate teeth replacement with dental implants, he can smile confidently and eat whatever he pleases.

Smile Rejuvenation Following Years of Inadequate Care: This middle-aged man had never had good “luck” with dental care. The result was severe decay and inability to chew or smile with confidence. Removal of his teeth with implant replacement was necessary to restore him to health. Today, he smiles with confidence and eats whatever he wants, pain free.

European Banker Lost Her Smile: Nothing ever went right for this pretty woman. She grew up without the benefit of good dental care. The result was a loss of teeth and confidence. Today, following implant rehabilitation, she feels like a young woman again.

Turning Back the Hands of Time: This former 78 year old Ford model presented with a severe infection and inability to eat despite years of dental care. Immediate teeth removal and immediate placement of dental implants restored her to function, health and esthetics. She is now happy, healthy and pain free.

It's never too late: It is never too late to improve your smile! Upper Implant Makeover: teeth in the maxilla failed due to decay. Patient was transitioned from teeth to full arch implants seamlessly without having to wear any removable teeth in the interim.

Smile Makeover: This young teenager’s life was transformed following comprehensive dental care. With the improvement of his smile, his confidence also blossomed.

Lawyer finally gets justice: This middle aged female attorney traveled from dentist to dentist in search of a solution to her dental problem. The result was a patch work of care that was not aesthetic or functional. Following removal of the infected teeth and misplaced implants, the bone was reconstructed and new implants placed. The patient is now pain free and has a beautiful smile of which she is quite proud.

Esthetic Smile Makeover: This 21-year-old female wanted to improve her smile. Her upper left lateral incisor never came in, and the orthodontist moved her left canine into its place. This resulted in an asymmetric smile. The solution involved both gum grafting and crown lengthening. In addition, three veneers were place. The result was a much more symmetrical smile and an ecstatically happy patient.

Rapidly Changing the Bite of a Young Adult : This 30-year-old female presented with a poor bite and had difficulty eating. Using orthodontics in conjunction with a corticotomy the bite was restored completely within 12 months. The result is esthetic and functional. Note that the cross bite has been corrected.

Inexpensive Conservative Solution to a Complex Problem : This 70-year-old man had untreated severe periodontal disease that resulted in a loss of teeth and function. He had health and financial concerns. His treatment consisted of oral hygiene instructions, in office cleaning, and placement of two implants followed by an overdenture. Tissue health is immaculate and good cosmetics and function was achieved.

Restoring Natural Beauty Immediately: This 64 year old Eastern European woman was unhappy her smile and inability to chew. In one day, her teeth were removed, implants placed and teeth placed directly onto the implants. She left the office with an esthetic smile and the ability to chew comfortably.

Congenitally Missing Upper Lateral Incisors: This 24 year female recently completed orthodontics. Her lateral congenitally missing lateral incisors were replaced with single individual dental implants. Ideal esthetics has been achieved.

Missing Upper Lateral Incisors: 19 year old EMT never received his upper lateral incisors. Following orthodontics, the patient was kept in a fixed retainer until he stopped growing. At age 19 implants were placed.

Multi-disciplinary Smile Design: For year, this middle aged female wanted her smile back. After orthodontics and periodontal therapy, two implants were placed. She was restored to ideal esthetics with 6 upper crowns

Smile Makeover: This engineer want to remove his bridge and replace it with individual tooth supported crowns and a dental implant. He also wanted to improve the cosmetics. The final result depicts four individual crowns and an esthetic improvement.

Full Upper and Lower Implant Makeover: Due to years of grinding this patient has worn and fractured his teeth to the point of no return. Removal of the teeth and immediate implant placement turned back the hands of time and restored this man to ideal function and esthetics.

A New Lease on Life: Never having the benefit of ideal care, this 40 year old CPA was ready to fix his teeth. Using a combination of therapies including bone grafting, crown lengthening, implant placement, periodontal treatment and ideal restorative treatment, we were able to return him to an ideal state of health.

A New Lease on Life: This 21 year old female was missing her adult upper canines (i-teeth). Her baby teeth became loose and require replacement. Ideal positioning of dental implants and restoration gave her what nature did not provide, an ideal smile.

Saving a Young Man From a Horrible Experience: This 17 year man was about to have all of his natural teeth crowned due to the inability of his dentist to align his teeth. He was referred to an orthodontist who created space for two implants. Following orthodontic treatment and implant placement his smile was restored and needless crowning of his teeth avoided.

A Combined Approach to Smile Design: This middle aged woman was uncomfortable when she smiled. Following orthodontic care, two implants were placed and the gum tissue repositioned. Six crowns (2 on implants) were placed and voila, a perfect smile.

Retired executive gets his health back: This 65 year old executive was too busy to take care of himself. The result – a complete loss of teeth, inability to chew and a severe infection. Within three months he was returned to health and was able to eat whatever he liked.

Grandma finally get comfortable and a great smile: This elderly grandmother was brought to the dentist by her concerned daughter. Her partial dentures were ill fitting and she was in constant pain. Her bite was changed and implants were placed to restore the missing teeth. Following treatment she is now pain free and living a much happier life.

Sunday School Teacher Returns to Health: This 72 year old man could not eat and was suffering from failure to thrive. His weight was down to 120 lbs. and he could not eat, masticate and digest his food properly. His family and students at his church were quite concerned. Following the placement of implants in the lower jaw and one implant in the upper jaw, the bite was reconstructed. The patient’s weight returned to normal and his whole outlook on life improved. He continues to teach Sunday School today over 14 years later.

Young Man with Severe Periodontal Disease: Despite his young age, 38, this young man was suffering from periodontal disease and losing all of his lower teeth. Previously, he had lost his upper teeth and is wearing an upper denture. He was feeling very sick due to the infection in his jaw. Following his consultation, it was decided to restore his lower teeth with dental implants. In one visit, his lower were extracted and dental implants were placed. The result is an infection free highly functional dentition and a life now free of dental disease.

Solution to a Long Term Problem: This patient struggled to maintain his periodontallly hopeless teeth for many years. After no longer able to function we converted his “hopeless dentition” to an implant supported restoration. His smile, appetite, and zest for life has returned. Click on this link to read.

Gum Grafting

Gum Graphting Before and After

From Russia to USA. A long trip for a solution to recession: Daria, a college educated woman was in need of extensive gum grafting. Living in Moscow, it was difficult to find a periodontal specialist in Russia. After extensive online research, Daria decided to travel to the United States for care. In one long visit we were able to accomplish extensive gingival reconstruction which stabilized her teeth. The entire team was pleased and appreciates the confidence that Daria has shown in us.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Dentist with Recession: This 70 year old retired dentist wanted a dental implant. He did not know that gingival grafting could repair his recession and eliminate the need to bonding to the roots of his teeth. The bonding was removed and the gum grafted fused to the cleaned root resulting in a restoration of health and complete esthetic root coverage.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Coverage of a Canine: This patient had severe recession on a lower canine and adjacent teeth resulting from tooth grinding and inappropriate tooth brushing. The loss of gum tissues further lead to loss of underlying tooth structure as showing on the left picture. By using her own gum tissue complete root coverage was achieved.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Inside Recession : Gum recession can also occur on the lingual (tongue) surfaces of teeth. Gingival grafting repaired this recession and restored the patient to health.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Gum Grafting: Recession in the Esthetic Zone: This middle aged woman suffered from cold sensitivity due to gum recession. Following grafting the sensitivity was eliminated and her gum tissue was restored to normal.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Single Central Incisor with Adjacent Esthetic Gum Restoration: This young man had a failed root canal and recession on the adjacent teeth. A combination of bone grafting, implant placement and gum grafting was performed to restore this young man to function and ideal esthetics.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Cosmetic Grafting Lower Anterior Teeth: A young professional woman complained of sensitivity and lack of esthetics on her lower teeth. Five years following grafting, the cosmetics has been improved and sensitivity eliminated. Upon close inspection, there is no evidence of any surgery being done. It looks completely natural.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Functional Gum Grafting on the Lingual: Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it is not a problem. This husband of a dentist lost the keratinized gum tissue on the inner surface of his lower teeth leading to sensitivity. The gum tissue was able to be restored and the result was a healthy periodontium without discomfort.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Molar Root Coverage: The lower molar and bicuspid has recession which compromised the long term prognosis of the teeth. Connective tissue grafting resulted in restoration of the gum attachment to the teeth.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Recession Upper Canine: An 18 year old boy presented with recession of the upper canine and bicuspid. Three years following treatment, the root remains covered.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Root Coverage: 40 year old woman 4 years following successful gingival grafting of the upper canine and premolar. 100% coverage was achieved!

Gum Graphting Before and After

Root Coverage: Upper left incisors and canine received a connective tissue graft which resulted in complete root coverage.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Grafting of the Upper Front Teeth: Gingival grafting was performed on all 6 upper teeth. Close to 100% root coverage was achieved.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Severe Recession of the Molars: Severe recession is noted on the upper and lower first molars and adjacent teeth. Six years following gum grafting the roots remain covered.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Gum Recession at 17: This young 17 year old male patient had full mouth orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately, he had thin bone and treatment resulted in severe recession. Following gingival grafting with his own tissue, he was able to be restored to health with complete root coverage. His treatment was published in a journal. Click on this link to read.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Lower Front Teeth: Recession led to almost complete loss of bone on the labial (lip side) of the teeth. Following gum grafting, the roots of the teeth were covered significantly improving the prognosis of the teeth. Click on this link to read.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Sensitive Upper Front Teeth: Patient presented with teeth sensitivity due to root exposure. In one procedure, the roots of the upper 6 front teeth were covered with a gum graft. Health and esthetics were both improved. Sensitivity was eliminated.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Lower Canine: Root coverage was achieved of the lower canine. Soft tissue was increased and health restored.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Recession Lower Front Teeth: Following gum grafting the lower front teeth were restored to health and the roots were completely covered.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Covering of Crown Margins: Recession of the gingiva resulted in exposure of the crown margins. Following gingival grafting the crown margin was covered and the soft tissue augmented.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Free Gingival Graft: This 30 year old patient presented with recession on the lower front teeth. There was also a lack of vestibular depth. Gingival grafting resulted in an increase of attached gingiva and an increase in the vestibular depth.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Tissue augmentation around a Maryland Bridge: This 48 year old female patient was scheduled to replace the lower bicuspid with a Maryland Bridge. There was inadequate amount of healthy gum tissue present. Following gingival grafting the bridge was placed on a foundation of healthy gum tissue.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Stabilizing loose lower front teeth: A 52 year old nutritionist presented with very loose lower teeth due to bone and gum loose. She could not bite down on an apple without discomfort. Note the thinness of the gum tissue and the exposure of her roots. Following gingival grafting the mobility decreased and she was able to eat comfortably and enjoy her foods.

Gum Graphting Before and After

A combination of grafting techniques: Due to untreated gum disease and inadequate dental care this young female lost all of her teeth except for 8 lower front teeth. Utilizing her own tissue the thin gum tissue was reconstructed and her remaining teeth stabilized. She is currently disease free at 10 years post treatment. Click on this link to read.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Reconstruction of the gum tissue prior to orthodontic treatment: A young adult decided to align her teeth with braces. Inadequate amount of gum tissue was reconstructed prior to initiating orthodontic care. The patient went to orthodontics without any problem.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Complete Mandibular Gum Reconstruction: Due to severe periodontal disease this elderly woman lost most of her supporting gum tissue and bone. It was decided to rebuild the lost tissue with three large free gingival grafts. The result was an increase in the supporting structure of the teeth, stability of her periodontal problem, and an increase in comfort while eating. Click on this link to read.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Pre-orthodontic care: This 14 year old patient was about to proceed with braces. However, she had a lack of attached gum tissue on her lower front teeth. The minimal remaining tissue was inflamed and bled. At age 21, 7 years following the gum graft, the tissue is healthy and attached. Click on this link to read.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Recession of Upper Canines and Lateral Incisors: Following gum grafting, 100% root coverage was achieved.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Restoration of the Gums with Veneers: Patient presented with recession, worn teeth, old crowns, yellowing and decay. Following gum grafting the teeth were restored resulting in a harmonious and healthy smile.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Recession and Wear of Teeth: Seven years following grafting the roots remain covered. 100% root coverage with excellent stability.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Grafting of the Lower Teeth: Gum grafting was performed on the lower front teeth resulting in excellent root coverage. Patient elected to keep a watchful eye on the upper teeth which were not as severe.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Molar Recession Coverage: Soft tissue grafting with significant recession coverage. To preserve these results, prophylaxis and dental care is advised.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Lower Molar Recession: Gum recession on the lower molars is often difficult to treat. This 60 year old woman experienced severe sensitivity to cold due to the exposure of her roots. Following gum grafting, the patient was pain free and the gum tissue was able to be reattached to her previously exposed roots.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Achieving Great Results: A combination of gum grafting and implant placement was performed to achieve beautiful esthetics for this young woman. Note that the teeth are much more natural following gum tissue reconstruction, especially the canine (eye tooth).

Gum Graphting Before and After

Gum Recession: Recession secondary to orthodontics led to recession on the lingual of this patients lower front teeth. Gingival grafting using the patients own tissue led to a healthy and functional bad of attached gum tissue.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Soft Tissue Augmentation: Soft tissue augmentation was performed on the upper left central and lateral incisor to achieve esthetic balance.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Severe Recession Reversed: A 42-year divorce attorney presents with severe recession on upper front teeth. Esthetics is compromised and recession was increasing. A Tunnel procedure was used to reverse the recession and stability was achieved.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Donor Tissue Used : Recession was present in the patient’s entire lower arch. Allograft with a synthetic growth factor was used and the recession was treated in ONE visit. Excellent coverage was achieved which remained stable.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Recession and inflammation secondary to periodontal disease and return to health following gum grafting.

Gum Graphting Before and After

The lower anterior teeth developed periodontal disease and lost bone resulting in recession of the gums and flaring of the teeth. Oral hygiene instructions and scaling were performed first. Gum grafting successfully restored thepatient to health.

Gum Graphting Before and After

Esthetic disfiguring recession is present on all six upper front teeth. Using a modification of the pinhole technique with tissue allograft, natural looking root coverage is possible.

Gum Graphting Before and After