Experiencing Toothaches? 6 Top Causes You Need To Know

Your oral healthcare is very important. Even with proper checkups and tooth care, a toothache or cavity can still occur. Toothaches may have many causes other than just cavities. If you suffer from toothaches, we understand how painful and uncomfortable they are. A toothache may feel dull, miserable, and achy. They also cause trouble in chewing, talking, and enjoying the... read more »

Top 4 Facts About Smile Makeover In Fairfield

Many people tend to obsess over how their favorite movie stars or public figures seem to have such perfect pearly white smiles. We always seem to be left awestruck every time we look at them. Often enough, we all wish we had smiles just like theirs! But most of us just aren’t so fortunate or blessed to have the money... read more »