Top 4 Facts About Smile Makeover In Fairfield

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Many people tend to obsess over how their favorite movie stars or public figures seem to have such perfect pearly white smiles. We always seem to be left awestruck every time we look at them. Often enough, we all wish we had smiles just like theirs! But most of us just aren’t so fortunate or blessed to have the money or genetics some of those movie stars have right? We’ll never be able to get teeth that look as good as theirs do right? Think again! 

Those movie stars are just human beings like we are. Chances are they’ve also had crooked, chipped, and even stained teeth at one point or another. Thankfully for our patients here at Sonick DMD, getting an expert smile makeover in Fairfield doesn’t have to be so far out of reach! Anyone can have a beautiful smile with the right type of dental treatment. There are a number of quality smile makeover treatments that can be performed in order to attain that perfect smile you’ve always wanted.


Many people around the world suffer from a number of different dental problems that prevent them from smiling with confidence. With the help of certain treatments  however, you can easily achieve a great smile and enjoy good oral health. 

Included below are the top 4 facts and benefits of getting smile makeover treatments:

  1. It is not restricted to only aesthetics: Smile makeover treatments are the best way to help get your smile back. But it is not just about making your smile look good! These treatments also help to improve the overall health of your teeth and gums as well. While repairing any damaged teeth, your dentist will use a combination of restorative techniques that will ultimately help to improve the health of your teeth.
  1. There are different procedures for different dental problems: People think that every dental procedure is the same. But that’s simply not the case. There are different dental procedures for different dental problems. It is best to consult your dentist first and understand all of your potential treatment options.
  1. Gum health is important: Gum health plays a very important role in determining whether your teeth are in the right condition to get cosmetic treatment. Good gum health typically results in having good tooth health as well. You should always ask your doctor about any possible complications or aftercare measures needed to help prevent any tooth damage. 
  1. There is no age-limit for a smile makeover treatment: Generally, people refrain from getting any type of cosmetic dentistry procedures for their children. However, these procedures are completely safe for children and can actually aid in their long term oral health as well. Anyone can get a smile makeover treatment at any age (young or old).  

Remember, cosmetic dentistry is not just about getting that “smile of your dreams”. It is also about focusing on your overall dental health as well. Getting a smile makeover treatment can certainly help to raise your confidence and boost your self-esteem. If your teeth are stained, crooked, or chipped, a smile makeover treatment in Fairfield can create a truly lasting impact.