Patient feedback makes us smile!

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Nothing can express the quality of care we deliver like the words of a patient review. FCIP strives to give every patient an experience the exceeds their expectations.

Take a moment and read the following patient review:

“You truly are a wonderful organization. From start to finish my experience was excellent. I will start with walking in the door. The receptionist, Ellvia, was lovely, and very soothing in her manner. The nurse that led me into the procedure room, Emellia, was just a saint during the entire time even putting her hand over mine for reassurance. I had both of my children by natural childbirth but having a tooth pulled, for some reason, scarred me to death. Dr. Ma did a superb job extracting the tooth. I didn’t even feel the pull. Also, the preparation with a blanket, music, dark glasses (I wasn’t going to look anyway) added calm to the process. Thank you all. I feel great today, I will follow your instructions, but I am well on my way to a speedy recovery.”


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