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Our team at Fairfield County Implants & Periodontics strives to exceed our patients expectations. We appreciate the feedback we receive and are proud to share it!
Our goal is to provide our patients with the comfort, respect and quality care they deserve above all.

Here is our latest outstanding feedback from a patient:

“I was extremely pleased with the professionalism and skill of Dr. Sonick and his highly competent staff. Two teeth needed to be extracted. Their work was comfortable and exacting during the injection and extraction process. The after surgery pain level has been low to nonexistent. This was not the case when an extraction was done on me by a dentist in another state earlier this year. At the completion of Dr. Sonick’s surgery he told me that the teeth were brittle and somewhat difficult to remove. Dr. Sonick and his team were organized and moved through the two hour process skillfully. The office environment is supportive of a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone was pleasant, helpful and caring. I can not say enough to support this wonderful practice”.


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