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We at Fairfield County Implants & Periodontics strive to exceed our patients expectations and our reviews speak for themselves. Our goal is to provide our patients with the comfort, respect and quality care they deserve above all.

Here is our latest outstanding feedback from a patient:

Dr Mike Sonick and his staff are the most professional outfit I have ever dealt with, and in every way, and including every type of business. As a specialized dental office, I could not ask for more regarding knowledge, attention to detail, current and leading edge technology – right down to reminders for appointments. His work is superior, his manner is both encouraging and relaxing, and I was made to feel completely confident that I was in the best place for the serious work I required. His associates that were required for my work were equally professional, and it was clear that they were an exceptionally experienced team. If I could offer only a single word, it would be Superior. You will be fortunate to have your work done by Dr Mike Sonick and his team.


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