Laser Gum Treatment: Things you need to know!

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Like all other organs of our body, it is crucial to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Do you know that dental problems, especially gum disease is associated with higher risk of developing heart disease? Therefore, it is important to have a disease free oral cavity.

But due to certain factors either unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits or lack of oral hygiene, you may get dental problems. Gum disease is one of the most prevalent dental problems. If your gum tissue gets infected, you need an immediate treatment. All thanks to medical science and technology that dentists are able to treat gum disease with relatively less pain and little complication.

But what if you leave your gum problem untreated? In such conditions, the infectious bacteria in superficial gum tissue will invade deeper spaces. As a result, the progression of bacteria continues and eventually affects underlying bone and ligaments. The good news is that today, most dental care providers treat gum infection with laser gum treatment in Fairfield.

In the past, the periodontal disease was treated with deep cleaning procedures like root planing and scaling. These protocols are effective to remove plaque that has been build up on root surfaces. However, these days, doctors use laser technology to treat mild to moderate gum disease.

If your doctor has recommended you laser gum treatment, here’s what you need to know.

How does laser gum treatment works?

In laser gum treatment, laser energy is usually transmitted through a thin fiber that can easily penetrate into deep periodontal pockets. This energy will particularly target infected tissues and bacteria. Several studies have shown that laser gum treatment offers many benefits. This includes reduced tooth mobility, reduced gingival bleeding, and reduced loss of attachment around the tooth. Apart from this, laser gum treatment can also increase patient comfort during the healing phase.

Benefits of laser gum treatment

Laser gum treatment not only kills the bacteria but also help your gums to heal at a faster rate. Sometimes, your gums may become irritated and start to bleed during the procedure, and lasers are helpful to stop the bleeding. This means, they help your gums heal faster, instead of waiting for several days.
Important facts about laser gum treatment

Recovery time – Unlike traditional gum surgery, the laser gum treatment has a shorter recovery time. This is because, in traditional surgery procedure, your doctor usually removed the diseased tissue, which increases your recovery time. But this isn’t the case with laser gum treatment, as only bacteria is removed during this procedure. Hence, recovery time is comparatively shorter.
Pain – Your dental professional may or may not administer anesthetic before laser gum treatment. Anyhow, this surgery is way less painful than the traditional protocols. This is because laser gum treatment uses laser energy to remove bacteria from a particular area. Whereas traditional surgery involves cutting and suturing of the tissue.
Amount of recession – Every patient has different needs when it comes to treating gum disease. In traditional surgery, some people may require removal of a small amount of gum tissue while others may need more. In any case, tissue removal can reduce the gum line. On the contrary, laser surgery is non-invasive. This means, no recession and your gum line will look the same.

The bottom line
As a famous phrase says, “prevention is better than a cure.” This fits well here. Instead of spending a lot of money and time on these dental treatments, you can avoid cavities and gum diseases by practicing good oral habits and keeping up with your regular dental cleanings. But, if you do develop gum disease, always choose the best dental clinic in your area.