Gum Diseases Are Serious. Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It!

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Whether it is the health of your body, the health of your mind, or the health of your gums, the health of each part of the human body is important. Gum diseases are serious dental issues, and unfortunately, people lack knowledge about gum problems. Some people don’t recognize it before it reaches the gum line. Gums and teeth are joined together; thus, if gums or teeth are not healthy, it poses various dental problems, along with other health problems.

Gum problems are something that many people ignore and don’t take seriously until it becomes a major tooth problem. If you are experiencing gum bleeding, receding gums or other gum problems, please take them seriously and visit a good Dentist in Fairfield CT to examine these problems.

Gum Diseases Have An Impact On Your Health As Well

Recent studies and research have found that gum diseases can be very severe if you don’t go for gum disease treatment and routine gum health checkups. Gum diseases are associated with serious health risks such as diabetes, tooth loss, arthritis, and heart diseases.

Be aware of the enemies of your gums

Gum bleeding is one of the gum problems that is commonly ignored by people. However, It is not normal to have gums bleed if you floss or brush your teeth. Gum bleeding is caused by the bacteria build up in your mouth. This bacteria attacks the healthy tissues around the teeth, making gums come into the effect as well. Following this condition, your gums become inflamed. This condition is commonly known as Gingivitis.

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum diseases and therefore, should be treated before it leads to more severe gum disease. Untreated Gingivitis can lead to a more serious gum disease known as Periodontitis.

Know what is Periodontitis?
This disease causes your gums to move up from the teeth or leave their place from their original position. As a result, a gap is created between your teeth and gums. Theses pockets are prone to plague, infection, and bacteria. This can further cause your tooth to become loosened and eventually lead to tooth loss. Simply, the gums become weak to hold and support your tooth at its place.
The common signs and symptoms of gum diseases:

  • Red or swollen gums.
  • Gum bleeding after flossing or brushing.
  • Bad breath that exists persistently.
  • Creation of gaps between gums and teeth.
  • Receding gums.
  • Loose teeth that make chewing difficult.

About the Gum treatment

Please never overlook the importance of visiting the Best Dentist Fairfield, CT if you notice any symptoms of gum diseases. For advanced gum diseases, your dentist may recommend you to see a periodontist.

Are you worried about the painful procedure of gum disease treatment?

If yes, not anymore! Keep all your concerns at bay because gum disease treatments provided today are minimally invasive as compared to the treatments available before.

At Sonick DMD, we have a team of qualified and well-experienced dentists that uses innovative periodontal treatment methods to provide you with the best and reliable gum treatment. We use laser gum therapy, which is less invasive and FDA-approved. This treatment involves no sutures (stitches), no cutting, less pain, and minimal or no bleeding.

We have a successful record of providing Smile Makeovers, dental implants, and gum treatments in Fairfield.