Fractured Tooth Repair Service: Diagnosis and Treatment

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Since a tooth is the smallest and the sturdiest part of the human body, we often ignore the fact that even these pearly whites can suffer major injuries such as fractures, cracks, and chips. In such a scenario, it is important that you seek Fractured Tooth Repair Services and retain the health of your teeth.

A single tooth comprises of various layers. Any part of these layers can get cracked. The crack might be evidently visible if it is on the outer layers of the tooth. But in case the crack is on the inside, it would require a trip to the dentist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

But how can you judge if the pain while chewing food is due to the crack in the tooth or underlying gum disease? It is best to consult a dentist as leaving a tooth cracked can worsen the problem.

Let’s learn more about fractured tooth repair services..

Symptoms associated with fractured/cracked tooth
You might not notice any major symptoms associated with a fractured or cracked tooth. You might bite into something solid that can result in a crack in the tooth. You won’t even realize when the crack developed and what exactly is causing pain in the tooth.
Certain cracks are harmless and do not require any particular medical diagnosis. However, there are various reasons attached to the development of a crack in the tooth.
Below mentioned is a list that tells about the symptoms of a fractured tooth:

  • Excessive gum swelling
  • Excruciating pain while chewing or biting
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Frequent pain in the tooth
  • Discomfort around the teeth or in the mouth

Causes of tooth fracture
There are plenty of reasons associated with a cracked tooth. The most common reasons are mentioned below:

  • Biting too hard into solids
  • Physical injuries
  • Grinding teeth
  • Weak tooth structure
  • Large filling in the tooth

Treatment options for fixing a cracked/fractured tooth repair
Diagnosing a cracked tooth is not always an easy task. In case a crack is not visible, your dentist might ask you about your dental history. The dentist will note down all the symptoms that you are suffering from.

With the help of a magnifying glass and different dental tools, the dentist will perform a full analysis of the condition of the tooth and ascertain the problem. If need be, the dentist will also take X-rays of the tooth to see exactly where the problem is. After this, a specific treatment plan will be suggested for tooth repair.

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