Dr Michael Sonick presents in Dubai

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Dubai 04/12/2013On April, 12 2013, Dr. Michael Sonick had the distinct honor of presenting “Implant Treatment in the Esthetic Zone” to an audience in Dubai. This event offered an intensive educational program of innovative techniques and procedures in an international setting. Discussed were a multiplicity of techniques including ideal implant placement, proper surgical technique, bone augmentation, soft tissue development and proper restoration, all in the esthetic zone. The open forum, allowed Dr. Sonick to impart some of his techniques to his peers and students. The forum, held in Dubai, was part of a learning partnership with NYU College of Dentistry joint effort on the NYU Abu Dhabi campus. Dr. Sonick took the time after the lecture to discuss further with students his experience, on working with patients to achieve ideal results in the Esthetic Zone. Ideal results are a key factor in his practice, and making the patient feel comfortable, and relaxed, is pertinent to his success. The event was held over 3 days, and was a great networking opportunity, as well as a chance to travel.