Crown Lengthening In Norwalk: What To Expect Post-op?

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Had a crown lengthening procedure performed recently? Then you might be skeptical about the aftercare requirements and the results. Crown lengthening is a dental surgery in which the gum line is reduced to curb the development of any dental problems. If you have a very gummy smile and are looking for a solution, it is best that you consult your dentist and get crown lengthening in Norwalk done. The risk of developing bacterial tooth infections can be considerably reduced with the help of this periodontal procedure.

This was all about the procedure, but have you thought about what comes after? Below is a guide that will help you understand what you should expect from a crown lengthening procedure and what steps you should take for a speedy recovery.

The Healing Process: Your teeth will take around two full months to completely recover following the crown lengthening surgery. Once the tooth is healed, the dentist will proceed with taking bridge abutment samples for creating the crowns of the appropriate length. It is important that you take strict precautions in the first 2-3 days after the surgery. The patients must give the gum tissue enough rest. It is also advised that the patients, right after the surgery must refrain from chewing and brushing at the spot where the crown lengthening surgery has been performed.

Managing Pain After The Procedure: The dentist will make use of anesthetics so you do not feel excruciating pain. After the application of anesthetics, the patient will not feel any pain. When the effect of the anesthesia settles, the patient should not feel any discomfort even after the surgery has been completed. The dentist will prescribe you certain medications to relieve the pain. It is essential that you take your dosage on time to speed up the recovery process.

Tooth Sensitivity: Teeth that are near the site of the surgically operated tooth might experience some sensitivity. This only exists for a short period of time. The patients might experience sensitivity when exposed to changes in temperature and while chewing food. This sensation in the other teeth will decrease as the operated tooth will start healing. Make sure that you avoid the consumption of extremely hot beverages and food items.

Tooth Dressing: For many patients, the dentist will apply a surgical dressing on the site of operation. The dentist will apply some pressure over the dressing to fix it within the tooth. The dressing will remain intact for almost 7-14 days.

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