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We at Fairfield County Implants & Periodontics strive to exceed our patients expectations and our reviews speak for themselves. Our goal is to provide our patients with the comfort, respect and quality care they deserve above all.

Here is our latest outstanding feedback from a patient:

Early yesterday morning, I was welcomed warmly by Dr. Sonick’s staff and whisked away by my case manager, Emilia, who explained my procedure, told me what to expect, took my vital measurements and made me incredibly comfortable. Dr. Ma administered lots of Novocaine, which I hardly felt, and Dr Sonick and two additional assistants appeared to start my surgery — a rather complicated removal (I think) of the back molars on both sides of my mouth. I was reclining comfortably with earphones delivering my favorite music, which I had selected, and sunglasses protecting my eyes against the bright lights. Two hours later Dr. Sonick finished his work. He and his assistants were pleased with the results, and I was ready to close my mouth, stand up and leave, all of which I did with the help of the staff. I drove home, followed all medical directions and slept very well. In the morning, I followed all instructions. I had absolutely no swelling, no bleeding and no pain. I went to the theater, had a nice (soft) dinner out, and I returned home for the rest of the evening. There was a telephone message from Dr. Sonick, who wanted to know how I was feeling. I hope I won’t need more dental surgery, but if I should, I know where I’ll go and to whom.
– Phyllis H.


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