4 Reasons To Get LANAP Over Traditional Gum Therapy

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Do you need to get a dental procedure done, but are anxious about having to deal with discomfort or pain? Are you tired of hiding your smile but don’t want to seek traditional gum therapy because you do not want to have scheduled a follow-up appointment or have to take pain medication to deal with the after-effects of the procedure?

If you suffer from periodontal disease, a gummy smile, or gum recession then you might be the ideal candidate to receive the LANAP procedure. Dr. Sonick and Dr. Ma are both Certified LANAP and LAPIP Regenerative specialists and, at the practice, and offer LANAP Gum Therapy for their patients.

LANAP is a gum therapy procedure that is FDA approved, and using the latest state of the art technology allows for a soft tissue laser to remove any harmful tissue from your gums, and it will allow for the healthy and organic regeneration of gum and bone to your gums. Many of our patients are opting for LANAP Gum Therapy over traditional gum therapy because of the benefits that they experience when they choose to have the procedure done.

We have compiled four reasons why you should get a LANAP procedure over traditional gum therapy:

  • Minimally Invasive: One of the biggest benefits of getting a LANAP procedure over traditional gum therapy is with the use of the laser; the procedure is far less invasive. There is no cutting or blades used when you get LANAP done.
  • No Stitches: Since there aren’t any sutures or stitches used during a LANAP, you experience minimal to no bleeding whatsoever. The use of the laser helps to seal the gums during the procedure so there is no need for stitches.
  • Promotes Regeneration of the supporting gum tissue: Soft tissue lasers are used to help remove the infected or harmful tissue from your gums. The use of the laser helps promote the regeneration of healthy gum and bone gently in your jaw after the procedure is done.
  • No downtime after the procedure: A huge benefit to getting LANAP is that since the procedure doesn’t use traditional periodontal tools to be done, you won’t require a follow-up appointment to any stitches, and you will be able to resume your daily activities after getting the work done.

At Fairfield County Implant & Periodontics we believe that your health and comfort are our number one priority. It is why we work to ensure that we offer only the best, safest, and use state of the art technology to perform minimal discomfort surgeries for our patients. If you need to have periodontal work done, but don’t want to go through traditional methods of surgery, we believe you should call our office at (203)254-2006 and schedule a consultation with our highly trained dentists. We will make you feel at ease and go over your options with you. We want to help you gain your confidence in your smile, so come see us today.