3D Innovative Digital Dentistry at Fairfield County Implants and Periodontics

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At Fairfield County Implants and Periodontics we are very proud to announce that our practice is adopting the most advanced digital technology to improve our patient’s oral health.

Months ago we acquired one of the most advanced systems to take 3D color intraoral scans. With outstanding precision, life-like colors and the ability to take the shade of every tooth.

The 3Shape Trios has been a wonderful acquisition to take a complete impression of the patient’s gums and teeth, moving forward from the traditional and less accurate use of plaster for impressions, a technique used for more than 200 years.

To complete our system, we also acquired the new Form2, the most advanced desktop 3D printer. The Form2 is a stereolithography printer uses a high precision laser that will create new dental impressions.This advanced technology will create dimensional accuracy with a resolution of 25 microns or 0.025mm.

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Dr. Michael Sonick and Dr. Rui Ma