Al's Experience With Implants

Hi, My name is Al.

For a number of years, ever since I’ve been in my younger years, eight, nine, ten, eleven years old, I’ve been grinding my teeth and it has been going on throughout years. I’ve also gone through a lot of things where I used to crack walnuts with my teeth and chew on ice cubes. Needless to say that probably didn’t help my dental issues throughout my life, so further on as time has gone by,

I’ve had some dental problems with my upper teeth and my lower teeth. Ultimately, I was having problems with my teeth being loose. I had ground those down to nubs where they looked like little, small, tiny pieces instead of having teeth. So ultimately I saw Dr Tamucci, and he felt that my best thing would be to get implants to replace the problem that I was having with the gums and the teeth. So, he recommended I come see Dr. Sonick for a consultation.

Ultimately, Dr. Sonick felt that it would be a good idea that I did have the implants done, and we decided the course of action to be to work on getting implants done to take care of that issue where I had problems with my teeth being loose and all.

Having my teeth done has been very good for me; I can eat things that I hadn’t been able to do with just the denture that I had, so now that I have the implants in and the denture put in place it’s been a pleasure. I have a removable one so I can easily take it out, clean it and snap it back in and that works great. I can eat anything I want. It’s back to eating food that I really didn’t want to have before.

Coming here was pleasurable actually! Yeah, you know when you walk in the door everybody welcomes you in the door; it’s like coming home to visit a friend’s house, even family. They’re pleasant, they’re kind, they try to help you in any way they can.